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Research, development and innovation in the areas of networking protocols in challenged environments, cyber-resiliency of space systems and position, navigation and timing (PNT).



Space networking

Space networks are currently being designed leveraging the mechanisms available for terrestrial networks. However, many are suboptimal given the challenges of the constellations and in some cases, these mechanisms need to be highly adapted or even fully redesigned.

  • R&D of networking technologies in constrained environments
  • Requirements and design specification of intra- and inter-spacecraft communications and operations protocols
  • SW and support tools development for satellite network’s protocols and algorithms
  • Simulation, emulation and prototyping of space networks and assessment of their performance


Space cybersecurity

The internet increasingly depends on space-enabled services, while the operation of space assets relies on internet-based networks. Traditional IT cybersecurity expertise does not completely fulfil the security needs of mission systems and specialized security expertise is needed.

  • Threat analysis and risk assessment of complex space systems
  • Penetration testing of specific components or entire satellite systems
  • Security requirements specification to fulfil programme cybersecurity objectives
  • Vulnerability analysis to find security weaknesses of space or ground systems


Position, navigation and timing

Almost all sectors of the global economy already benefit from a GNSS-based technology. Yet, this technology is constantly evolving, and one size does not fit all, thus specific knowledge is needed for the development of demanding GNSS applications and their supporting systems.

  • Signal processing and navigation algorithms design, prototyping and development
  • Innovative solutions including ML algorithms for higher performance (e.g. multipath)
  • Requirements and design specifications of end-user navigation systems
  • Assessment of GNSS receiver performance


Technical advisory

Space, with rockets and satellites high above, forming ever-growing constellations and servicing the most varied applications, is one of the most exciting high-tech industries. But when it comes to numbers, investments and results, the action is with the feet on the ground.

  • Support for evaluating designs and implementations of network protocols and PNT systems
  • Trade-off and cost analysis of technologies, HW and SW for the space or ground segment
  • Interpretation and translation of complex engineering documentation into abstracted and simplified technical results for different audiences (e.g. policy makers, investors)

About us

RDI Network is an engineering company with the mission of supporting our customers in their journey through the new space economy, which is seeing the convergence of space, internet and security. We are a group of professionals with 10+ years experience in the telecommunications, cybersecurity and PNT industries, who gathered together to exploit the synergies of their backgrounds.


  • Team of PhDs and specialized engineers with complementing expertise
  • High-impact profiles with 10+ years of experience
  • Open science into practice, with strong ties to academia


  • User- and customer-centric approach
  • Applied research into real marketable solutions for customers and for our own IP
  • Focus in projects that make a positive impact and are close to market


  • It is not only about technology but how it meets existing market needs
  • Projects with high-impact innovations, technologically- and business-wise
  • Open innovation into practice, with co-creation as an essential component

NETWORK as in a group of people sharing the same passion for technology and empowering each other to accomplish new, challenging and profitable endeavours that make a positive difference in society.

how we work

From listening to Sputnik’s tones to the precursor of GPS to accurately know your location with a smartphone nowadays, there was no single eureka moment. Instead, a series of findings from research, translated into the development of a platform to locate military assets on Earth, which evolved through the years. But when that platform was open and anybody could build upon it, the unpredictable power of open innovation became apparent. That is how we consider innovation happens. That is how we work. Chance favours the connected mind.

Open Science

We embrace the idea of open access for science as it positively impacts on how open innovation is produced by encouraging a more dynamic circulation of knowledge. As a science-based start-up we are keen on exploiting openly (not free!) accessible research results to support our customers and partners in creating innovative solutions to their needs.

Open Innovation

A well-functioning ecosystem allows co-creation and is an essential part of our process, in which stakeholders and partners collaborate with us to co-create innovative solutions. Confident in our skills, dedication and passion, we embrace coopetition, as well, as an opportunity to access markets where large firms dominate.

Open to the World

Our collaborators come from different regions of the world and cooperate internationally in research and innovation projects in the space industry with public and private organisations from the United States, the European Union, Brazil, Argentina, among others.

our Team

the professionals you would love to work with

Telecommunications, informatics and data scientists that work across disciplines and apply rigorous cutting-edge research to make a positive difference in society and create sustainable impact. Our culture is based on delivering high-quality outputs, through our commitment and passion for what we do and an open and collaborative environment.

Experienced and high-impact profiles willing to make a positive difference in society

All our team has 10+ years working in academia and industry in their specific fields

European Commission technical experts in space and cybersecurity

Technical advisors of established companies and start-ups in the new space economy

Professors in European and Latin American Universities

Business acumen with several years of strategy and management consulting experience in aerospace

We are always looking for talented experts with great ideas and willingness to be part of a passionate group of people. Drop us a line!

our services

We understand requirements and the business around them, and we provide clear, easily implementable recommendations on architecture, components, modules and interfaces for a system that fit the purpose in a cost-effective way.

By encompassing both tech guru skills and inspiring leadership, we provide instrumental support in the planning, scheduling and management of highly-technical projects in our fields of expertise.

Stemming from our product development experience and the engineering background, we support our customers on the journey from idea to production of space-related telecommunications or navigation product or services.

From concept to prototype to product, we support our customers in specific SW & FW development for communication or operation protocols, embedded security or signal processing for GNSS systems.

Emerging technologies alone cannot be relied upon to deliver a product or service. Our assessments facilitate responsible research and innovation, ensuring optimised design, implementation and use of technologies

We customise our services to support specific needs, such as surveying of state-of-the-art technologies, specifying applications or equipment and supporting on certifications and industry standards.

If security features are a design criterion, system errors and liability risks are reduced. We support our customers on the security-by-design process to make their embedded HW or SW products more resilient.

We provide security testing services for specific sub-systems of more complex systems under the premise that these tests should be performed at the lowest level possible, to verify the defence-in-depth strategy initially planned.

OUR work

RDI network is a young company formed by seasoned PhDs and engineers, who along their careers have worked in challenging and fascinating projects in the telecommunications, aerospace and cybersecurity industries such as…

  • ALL
  • PNT
Specifying and prototyping the intra- and inter-spacecraft communications and operation protocols, in support of a national space program’s mission
Implementing cybersecurity solutions for automotive components’ production plants for a major Tier 1
Managing the development team of a complex real-time GNSS SW for the aviation industry
Analysing a full free-space optical network between and within LEO and GEO for a spaceborne data transfer network on the making
Defining the cybersecurity architecture of currently deployed (in the million units) automotive ECUs
Designing and evaluating navigation and control algorithms for spacecraft formation flying missions
Assessing the network performance of a LEO constellation for personal messaging data in remote areas
Defining the cybersecurity strategy for an automotive SW company from the technical and strategic perspective
Empirically validating the ionospheric delay/corruption in GNSS signals over polar regions
Defining and implementing a light-weight DTN protocol for underwater communications
Defining the security mechanisms of a proprietary acoustic communication protocol for military unmanned underwater vehicles
Applying ML algorithms for higher GNSS performances, reducing multipath and other interferences in the maritime domain

Think about these experiences put together for supporting your project… Contact us!


  • Delay-tolerant networks (DTN)
  • Inter-satellite links (ISL)
  • Network operations
  • TARA
  • Penetration Testing (OT)
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Applied cryptography
  • Space weather disturbances to GNSS
  • GNSS Navigation systems in aviation and in harsh environments
  • Real-time critical SW development for GNSS systems
  • Ground segment infrastructure architecture and components